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KPIT Technologies Limited (KPIT) is an Indian multinational technology company based in Pune, Maharashtra. Its primary business is the supply of software to automotive industry. It has research and development facilities in Japan, China, Thailand, and the United States. Furthermore, it places a strong emphasis on electric vehicles.

KPIT is a technology firm that develops technologies for a more sustainable future. It collaborates with partners and customers to provide technology solutions that improve people's lives in a variety of industries. It recently launched the On-Bus Intelligent Transport System (ITS) for urban public transportation. This solution will assist bus manufacturers and state transportation utilities in improving the quality of urban public transportation. The Joint National Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation II (JNNURM II) program needs this system to be in place.

KPIT offers global OEMs a variety of solutions that cover all aspects of manufacturing. These solutions assist global manufacturers in increasing supply chain visibility and profitability. KPIT's product portfolio includes solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning, Product Lifecycle Management, and Value Chain Planning. It also provides financial management and leverages the entire SAP portfolio. Its solutions help businesses in the manufacturing, energy, and utility industries.

Two Chartered Accountants founded KPIT in 1990. Under their leadership, KPIT has grown 50 times over the past 12 years, reaching a current revenue of USD 489 million.

KPIT, a software company that provides software for the automotive industry, has experienced rapid growth in recent years. KPIT's expertise in automotive software enables automotive manufacturers to integrate disparate software systems into a single seamless software solution. Some of its critical solutions are Bluetooth infotainment, noise reduction, and over-the-air automotive updates.

KPIT creates software to improve vehicle performance. It can assist automakers in managing batteries, inverters, and various charging standards. Its software solutions also help EVs perform better. KPIT's growth prospects are long-term. Its solutions will assist automakers in developing the next generation of software-driven vehicles.

The demand for automotive OEM software is increasing. As a result, many automakers are bringing in-house software to create a differentiated experience. Previously, automakers would buy software and add functionality as they saw fit. However, software is now a critical differentiator for automakers.

KPIT has partnered with Cummins to better serve its global customers. In this agreement, the company will provide business scalability services as well as access to Cummins' business processes and market relationships. KPIT will receive $5 million in upfront payments as part of the agreement, with additional payments possible over the next five years.

The collaboration will expand KPIT's offerings in the automotive and energy markets. KPIT will collaborate with Cummins on the integration of its telematics and automotive solutions. The new agreement is expected to shorten development and verification times while increasing product sales for both companies.

PACCAR will provide engineering, component sourcing, and information technology solutions to KPIT Cummins in addition to its IT consulting and product development capabilities. The new company will be based in Hinjawadi, Pune, India, near KPIT's main campus.

As electric vehicles become more common, there is a discussion about the type of energy source that will power them. One point of contention is whether renewable energy is more efficient than fossil fuels. Another disadvantage of EVs is their lengthy charging time. KPIT's team, on the other hand, is increasing EV efficiency by developing a low-cost, concentrated photovoltaic technology that can charge a vehicle while it is parked. These technologies have the potential to significantly reduce the payback time for EVs.

KPIT has created a comprehensive set of conformance test libraries for the automotive industry using their expertise in testing hardware and software. These libraries meet international standards such as ISO 15118-4/5, DIN 70122, GB/T 34658, and CHAdeMO. They can also be used together with the dSPACE Smart Charging Solution to give the mobility ecosystem a full set of testing solutions.

KPIT works with the most prominent automotive companies as a leading independent software development partner to accelerate the transition to electrified vehicles. The company makes ready-to-use software development platforms and accelerators for electric vehicle parts. It also helps original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) cut down on the time it takes to get their products to market. 

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